Top 9 most beautiful Christmas fairs in Europe and in the world

The holiday of Christmas does not only mean the smell of fir, coconuts and oranges, meals packed with family and gifts, but also the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful Christmas fairs in the country and in the world.


Every year, cities all over the world are getting ready in time to celebrate Christmas, so their streets and buildings begin to be decorated in the spirit of winter holidays. Each of these fairs – at which the entrance is free – creates the magical atmosphere of the Holidays, but, since it is impossible to have time to reach all, it is good to know a little about them, to know to which city to buy your tickets already. train or plane.



How to organize your trip to a Christmas fair

Which are the most popular Christmas fairs in Romania

Which are the most popular Christmas fairs in Europe
Which are the most popular Christmas fairs in the world
The history of Christmas fairs

How to organize your trip to a Christmas fair
Christmas fairs are one of the best winter excursions, which you can apply even for a weekend, if you decide to go to a fair that is not very far from your city. Like any trip, it should also be organized in advance to avoid any inconvenience.

First of all, you have to choose the Christmas fair you want to go to, respectively the city you are going to. You can take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the place where you will arrive, not just what the Christmas fair offers you, especially if it is your first time visiting it.


Means of transport
Once you have decided, it is important that you are already interested in how to travel and accommodation in that city. The period of the Christmas fairs is quite busy, so it is not recommended to leave the last hundred meters to solve these issues.


If you choose to drive by car, you only have to consider the traffic and weather conditions. However, if you prefer to admire landscapes looking through the window of the train or traveling at high altitude, it is advisable to book your tickets early, to be sure that you will arrive where you proposed on time.


Do not forget to worry about accommodation, if you will spend more than a day in the city in question. If you have relatives or friends there, do not hesitate to call them to host you for a night or two, especially since you can take advantage of this time spent together to unravel memories and find out what happened new in your life. If you choose to stay at a hotel or guesthouse, do not leave home without having booked the room for the number of nights you will spend there.



Which are the most popular Christmas fairs in Romania

If the weather does not allow you to go on a trip to a Christmas fair abroad, you can go to one of those organized in Romania, because you have where to choose.


Sibiu Christmas Fair
November 16, 2019 – January 3, 2020

This year, the Christmas Fair in Sibiu is at its 12th edition and, in time, has become internationally recognized and appreciated. Organized in the main square of the city, the event will welcome you not only with the aroma of boiled wine, sweet cake and baked chestnuts, but will give you the opportunity to take part in various cultural activities. Also here you will be able to take a tour of the tourist train through the medieval center of Sibiu and, if you are accompanied by children, you will be able to make them happy by involving them in the activities of Santa’s Workshop.


Christmas Fair Bucharest
November 28 – December 26, 2019


This year, the Christmas fair in the capital will take place in the Constitution Square, a place where you will feel, from the entrance, the smell of goodies from all over the country, but also of cinnamon and orange peel just put in boiled wine. In addition to the festive music, stands with traditional products, Christmas decorations and handmade jewelry, you will also be able to enjoy the artistic shows organized throughout the fair and that will maintain a laid-back atmosphere and to everyone’s liking.


Christmas Fair Cluj-Napoca
November 10 – December 31, 2019


The Unirii Square in Cluj-Napoca will be more lively than ever with the opening of this year’s Christmas fair. Among the attractions that might convince you to come here are the ice rink and Santa’s Cottage – the place where you can take part in various creative workshops. There will be no missing artistic representations or workshops or chosen pieces, so you do not have to worry about the low temperatures because, most likely, you will barely feel them.


Which are the most popular Christmas fairs in Europe
You may, however, plan to attend a Christmas fair outside the country this year. Many cities in Europe are recognized for the spectacular fairs they organize, so the decision may be a bit difficult, given that the options are varied.


Christmas Fair Vienna, Austria
November 16 – December 24, 2019


Vienna is the right destination for those looking for fun, but also for those who go on vacation to relax. The fair in the city illuminated with thousands of light bulbs and cheerful thanks to the festive decorations awaits you with activities for children, with sweets, with creative workshops and with events specially organized for Christmas.


Christmas Fair Budapest, Hungary
November 8, 2019 – January 1, 2020


The Budapest Christmas Fair can be the best option for you if you want to discover a new city, but which is not, however, far away from home. The event annually attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world by the fact that in all the important points of the city the arrival of Christmas is marked, in a decorative or festive way. You will find here traditional dishes and many festive decorations to return home to decorate the Christmas tree, which beautifies your home.


If you visit the Christmas fair in Strasbourg – one of the oldest in Europe – you will arrive right in the city considered the Christmas Capital. Here you will feel the festive atmosphere at every step, thanks to the decorations that adorn the buildings and streets, but especially because of the huge and beautifully decorated fir tree in the old center. Traditions play an important role for the people here, so you will have the opportunity to learn a lot about the specifics of the area.


Which are the most popular Christmas fairs in the world
Christmas is not only celebrated in Europe, but all over the world, so you can opt for a longer holiday, in a city outside the continent’s borders.


Christmas Fair Sydney, Australia
December 1 – December 31, 2019


If you prefer the beach days instead of the cold winter days, the Sydney Christmas Fair could be perfect for you because the temperatures are much friendlier in winter than in Romania. The little houses with decorative objects and traditional dishes are all around, and the brightly colored figurines and Santa’s House make the fair a attraction for even the little ones.


Christmas Fair Montreal, Canada
December 1 – December 24, 2019


The Christmas Fair in Canada welcomes its guests with many colorful houses and dishes for all tastes, so although you will be thousands of miles away from home, the atmosphere you will feel here may be above your expectations. You will be able to take part in the shows organized for the holidays and, most likely, you will meet on the streets of the city and with Santa.


The history of Christmas fairs

The first to organize a fair dedicated to Christmas were the Austrians, in the thirteenth century, followed only a few years away from the Germans. Thus, in Vienna, Austria, the event has been organized periodically since 1294, and in Frankfurt, Germany, starting with 1300.


Although they have been organized regularly for more than 700 years, it is understandable that in the past Christmas fairs did not have the scale they have today and that, over time, they have gained increasing importance. bigger for the organizers, especially due to the tourist and economic impact they have. In addition, a Christmas fair is also the place where you will find many unique variants of gift for loved ones.

Now, all you have to do is decide which Christmas market to visit this year. Whatever you choose, take advantage of everything the event will offer you, even if it is about engaging activities or delicious dishes. And, if necessary, don’t forget to buy train or plane tickets in time, to ensure your place among those who will enjoy the atmosphere created by these fairs on the occasion of the holidays.


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