How to treat dry and cracked lips in winter

Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid 1 1
Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid 1 1

In winter, due to the dry air, wind and low temperatures, our lips are suffering. It dries, sometimes cracks. This causes not only major discomfort but also garlic.

Dr. dermatologist explained to me more precisely what are the real causes of these conditions.


Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid 1

What diseases can dry lips hide?

The lips have a delicate structure and are very vulnerable. Especially in winter, being a transition zone between the skin and the mucosa, with permanent mobility. So water and lipids are lost very easily on their surface.

People who have drier skin (xerosis) will experience throughout the cold season dehydration, feeling of tension, even itching. Also the presence of cracks and even occasional bleeding on the surface of the lips.

Fungal infections of the oral cavity (oral candidiasis) are manifested by the appearance of whitish deposits on the lips, cracks, and bleeding. Especially in the corners of the mouth, with the sensation of extremely unpleasant tension and itching.

Another common cause of unpleasant lip manifestations is recurrent herpes (herpes simplex type 1), which presents in addition to dryness, blisters, pain, itching, inflammation of the surrounding lymph nodes, bleeding and sometimes persistent scarring.

Irritating factors

“Lip irritating factors include fluoride, menthol, sodium lauryl sulfate toothpaste, as well as citrus fruits, which are commonly consumed in cinnamon, as they can cause a local allergic reaction, with dryness, redness, and peeling of the skin There are also a number of medications, which are consumed chronically, can damage the appearance of the lips: propranolol, the vitamin A derivatives used in the treatment for vulgar acne. ” says DermatoLOGIST.

Dry lips can also occur in the context of many diseases, sometimes at onset (febrile episodes, psoriasis, lichen planus, autoimmune, thyroid disorders). So it is very important to present to the doctor for a correct diagnosis and treatment.
Repeated exposure to the sun over the years can lead to chronic dryness and repeated cracking of the lips, a condition called actinic cheilitis, but also to the development of lip cancer (span cellular carcinoma).


Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid 2


How do we treat dry lips?

If we are only dealing with dryness and sensitivity, repeated applications of petroleum-based balms. Also creams very rich in lipids, vitamins, white ichthyol with a protective and anti-inflammatory role. Or recommend are creams with a minimum SPF protection factor of 15 against UV radiation.

Associated candidiasis – requires targeted antifungal treatment after diagnosis. Recurrent herpes requires repeated antiviral treatment. If there are allergies to cosmetics, foods or medicines, the cause will be identified and avoided.

For the identification of a tumor at the level of the lips, it is essential the dermatological consultation with dermatoscopic evaluation. The alarming signs being the persistence of cracks, ulcers, bleeding more than 2-3 weeks.

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In winter, due to the dry air, wind and low temperatures, our lips are suffering. It dries, sometimes cracks, and this causes not only major discomfort, but also garlic. Dr. dermatologist, explained to me more precisely what are the real causes of these conditions. #lipscaretips #skincare #beautycare @californiawed
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