How to choose the right engagement ring

engagement ring how to choose
engagement ring how to choose

Criteria and tips to consider

engagement ring rubine

The marriage request should be a moment to tell the grandchildren, which will remain in your memory and of your partner as one of the most beautiful in your life. The engagement ring is a character in itself throughout this story because, beyond being a special jewel, it sends a powerful message that comes from your heart, as a suitor, and reaches directly to her soul, as your future wife.

Therefore, it is very important to know how to choose the right engagement ring. And here we are talking about some technical criteria, to name them as, the mount, the size, the carat of the stone, the significance of the unmatched, essential for the message you want to convey depending on her personality, but also on the mistakes that would preferred to avoid them from the start.

What is the engagement ring
6 steps to choose the right ring
What gemstones mean and what message they convey
5 mistakes to avoid when choosing the engagement ring
What is the engagement ring

In Western culture, the engagement ring is the jewelery symbol that represents the commitment that two people make to one another before they get married. From yarn of grass and hemp to the precious jewelry of today, the engagement ring has had an impressive evolution. Regardless of time and space, even if the habits regarding the way it is worn differ, one thing has remained constant: its significance.

engagement ring idea
engagement ring idea

The origins of the engagement ring
1215. This is the year when Pope Innocent III officially claimed for the first time that a couple needs a period in which they get to know each other better, before they get married. He is also the one from which the custom of giving the engagement ring started.

But engagement rings have been around for a long time. The grass and hemp threads were the first materials used to make them, but, because they did not last long, they went to wool, bone and then silk. In ancient Rome, iron was most commonly used for rings, except that rust was a real problem.

Rose gold engagement rings , in which precious stones were inlaid, dominated the aristocratic world of medieval Europe (although the jewels inlaid with precious stones have appeared since ancient Egypt).

Since 1880, when diamonds were discovered, in South Africa the making of engagement rings has been associated with these gemstones, and today we talk about a real industry.

What is the meaning of the engagement ring?

Regardless of culture, the engagement ring is a symbol of full love and firm commitment that two people make when they decide to get married. He represents shared love and the beginning of a lasting bond. Therefore, it is very important to be gifted at the right time and to be well chosen so that the time of the marriage application is as dreamed by the two lovers who decided to unite their destinies.

What finger is worn and why
On which finger is the diamond engagement ring

engagement ring how to choose
engagement ring how to choose

If you have ever wondered why the engagement ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, to find the answer you have to make a trip in time to Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians believed that from the finger that we call today “ring” starts a vein that reaches the heart directly. The idea was taken over by the Greeks and, later, by the Romans. The Romans named it “vena amoris” and so it has remained its name to this day.

As for the hand on which the ring is worn, this is a custom that differs depending on the culture. There are countries like Russia or India, where the jewelry is worn on the right hand because it would bring bad luck to the left. In Sweden or Chile, for example, not only future spouses receive engagement rings, but also future brides.

Likewise, there are variations, depending on the traditions and customs of how the ring is worn after marriage. Thus, it can be placed next to the wedding ring, on the same finger, it can be worn only until the wedding or after marriage, on special occasions.

6 steps to choose the right ring
The easiest way would probably be to go with her to the store and pick her own ring. You tell yourself that this is how you go for sure and you have no way to fail. But why miss the opportunity to show her how much you thought of her, how well you know her and how romantic you can be? Imagine the expression on her face when you take her by surprise by asking her hand and giving her a ring that fits her finger and is exactly what she wanted. So, here is what follows, after you should guide yourself to make a smart and practical choice at the same time.

Mount-About the engagement ring mount


Clarity is another note that makes the difference. The clearer a diamond and the fewer imperfections it has, the more expensive it is. Like the color, the clarity is measured between SI1 and SI2. Carat refers to the weight of the stone. The harder it is, the more it is worth.

Clarity of diamonds

engagement ring diamond
engagement ring diamond

A very important thing about diamonds is the shape. As it is a strictly taste aspect, find out first what your partner’s preferences are and then choose one of the options below:

Round – classic and immortal, regardless of fashion changes.

Round cut of diamonds

Princess – is one of the most popular forms for engagement rings.

Princess cut the diamond

Look – if you want something more special and don’t get what everyone chooses.

Diamond cut for

Oval or heart – if you like to be explicit, you can choose a heart shaped diamond or opt for an oval one. Not all women go after diamonds, so be careful what they like. Maybe another gemstone like emerald, onyx or ruby ​​would make it much happier than the most beautiful diamond.

Diamond cut heart

Because you do not want the ring to be too wide or too tight, it is good to know what measure to take. Engagement rings, because they are special, are quite difficult to change or can not be changed at all, so it is not an option to take anything with the thought that you can adjust it or expand it later. There are, however, some jewelry stores that can offer you free ring resizing. But why complicate yourself? Better borrow a partner’s ring and take it to a specialist store. There, the ring will be measured and you will know exactly what to take.

How to choose the size of the ring

Every woman has a style of dressing, wearing shoes, she prefers certain color combinations and textures. Jewelry is a very important accessory for a woman, so the model must fit her style and personality. Before choosing one of the engagement ring models below, think carefully about what they would like the most.

Solitaire – if you want a single gemstone or diamond that is in the center of the mount. It’s a classic model that never goes out of style. If she prefers simplicity and elegance, it might suit her.

Solitaire engagement ring

Three diamonds – in the center of the mount are three diamonds or other diamonds. If you give him such a ring, you tell him that it is the symbol of your past, present and future, because this is the significance of the number of stones in the ring.

Engagement ring with three diamonds

The Diamond Belt – as the name suggests, is a pattern in which the stones are arranged side by side, all over the outer surface of the ring.

Halo – if you are a more sophisticated person and like the unusual patterns, you can opt for a ring with a large stone in the center and smaller ones around it.

Halo engagement ring

Royal – you are the king and she is your future queen, so a ring with rich ornaments can lead her to the great royal families of the world and, if she likes to feel that way, then this is the right choice.

Colored stones – I used to say that not all women prefer diamond rings. If your future wife is in this category, then you can choose a ring with colorful gems such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds.

Choose the most beautiful engagement ring you can afford. Think of it as a symbol of the love you carry. Who knows? Maybe, if you really want to give her a special ring that you couldn’t touch at first, you can give her something better on a birthday.

The budget for the engagement ring

What gemstones mean and what message they convey
Since ancient times, precious and semi-precious stones have fascinated not only by their beauty, but also by the legends built around them. They are symbols by which you can send a message to the person to whom you give them.

Diamond – is a very hard stone to grind and, if it is of quality, it shines brighter than any other gemstone. If your partner is a positive, elegant, fine and strong woman, a diamond or more engagement ring might suit her.

Emerald – is one of the precious stones that addresses the intellect. For a creative woman with outstanding artistic talents or who is very inventive, emerald is the gemstone that would suit her best.

Sapphire – the electrifying color of sapphire can lead you to power and boldness, but that’s not the case. He symbolizes pure love and loyalty. It is said to attract well-being and prosperity.

Ruby – if you have a passionate and very bold woman next to you, ruby ​​brings her happiness and harmony. It is considered a stone that symbolizes courage and naturalness.

Amethyst – if you want to give her an engagement ring with a semi-precious stone, then you must know that amethyst is one of the most popular choices. It is said to help restore physical and spiritual balance. Basically, it has a calming effect.

5 mistakes to avoid when choosing the engagement ring
You chose the most beautiful engagement ring you could find and yet she seems not very pleased with it, even if she doesn’t tell you directly. Then, maybe you were wrong somewhere and it would be good to know from the beginning what you shouldn’t do when choosing the ring. Here are the most common situations that you should avoid, so that you do not spoil a moment that should remain a dream in her memory and yours:

Choosing the Uninformed Ring – To avoid forgeries, make sure that the place where you get the ring, whether it’s online or a physical store, is reliable. Specifically, that you will be given a guarantee and quality certificate, such as those from a renowned gemological institute, for what you choose. The guarantee certificate will mention the title of the alloy and the mark, indicating the carat of the precious stones in the mount.

You don’t know the taste of the partner – One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not knowing your partner well enough and offering him something he doesn’t like or doesn’t represent. Be careful about the details, her personality, her preferences, because you don’t get her a ring. You take a ring that is a symbol of the deep emotional connection between you and her. Therefore, show her that you respect her and that you love her and take a ring to her taste. And you have to choose from, you can’t complain!

You don’t know the size of her finger – Many men bar her in this regard. You didn’t count among them. In vain you got the perfect ring if it is not the right size. Avoid the plight of the situation where you sit on your knees and ask for his hand, give him the splendid ring and find that it is too wide or too tight. Therefore, you either take a ring from it, but you have to be careful how you do it, so as not to spoil the surprise, or ask a friend to do it, if you are not well-versed in “theft.” Make sure that the ring is one of those she doesn’t wear too much, that she doesn’t notice his lack, and try to take one that you saw on her ring finger, not the index or middle finger. Otherwise, you risk giving him a wider ring, because his fingers are not the same thickness. Take him to the jeweler and ask him to measure it. That way, you certainly won’t go wrong in terms of size.

You don’t have a clear budget – The first thing you need to do is set a clear budget, because that will help you look for the ring you want online or, if you want to get it out of the store, they’ll show you exactly the models that fit the price you thought of. Do not imagine that it is right for you to get something super expensive to impress your future wife. Know her preferences and see what they would do to her soul, what is right for her personality, to wear it for pleasure, not politeness or obligation.

You’re in a hurry and you get what’s in your eyes the first time – Hurry up. Why rush to the first beautiful ring you saw and then sorry that you didn’t choose something better? Give yourself time to do a little documentation on this. Test the market, see what models you have available, how much it costs and do not forget for a moment that you take it first and foremost.

Now that you have chosen the ring as the book, taking into account the mount, shape, material, the significance of the gemstone and, last but not least, the budget and its personality, you still have to solve a problem as important as choosing the engagement ring. . How do you ask for her in marriage? Keep in mind here some useful tips and you will receive a guaranteed “Yes”.

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