How to choose the perfect wedding rings

wedding ring bride
wedding ring bride

You have decided to take the big step and have started the plans for the wedding day. So your life is now divided between to-do lists, views of different event spaces and tastings of cakes and cakes.

Even if you now feel that it is time to take care of everything, the truth is that the time passes very quickly when planning a wedding. This is precisely why you should set your priorities right from the start. And among the first things you need to deal with at least four, five months before the wedding is choosing the wedding rings, the most beautiful symbols of your love, which you will wear all your life. To make this process as simple, fast and efficient as possible, so that you can deal with the other aspects of the wedding, we have prepared a comprehensive guide for choosing the wedding rings.

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wedding ring suggestion
wedding ring suggestion

General tips for choosing the wedding rings
What criteria do you have to follow when choosing your design?
How the wedding rings are worn
The most important superstitions about the wedding ring
How do you choose the wedding rings?

General tips for choosing the wedding rings
Set a budget. When calculating wedding costs, be sure to allocate a considerable amount for wedding rings too. Being the accessories you will wear all your life, it is worth investing in the right model.

Do not choose the first pair of rings you see. The reason why you should not leave your wedding rings on the last hundred meters is that this whole process can take a long time. It will be difficult to choose from the multitude of options available a model that you like and define both of you.If there are still some long-haul accessories, it would be good to search, test, document thoroughly in this chapter.

Choose the precious metal and design. Years ago, all the rings were made of yellow gold, but now the rings can be made of various alloys that give different shades: white gold, pink gold (75% gold, 20% copper, 5% silver), gray gold (gold and palladium), blue gold (46% gold and 54 indium), black gold (obtained by oxidation of copper or cobalt-rich alloys). Also, it would be best to outline the design of the wedding rings in a broad way so that you can look for the models that fit your budget. Simple, double, with diamonds or precious stones inlaid, intertwined: there are many options to choose from.

Choose the wedding rings that look good together with the engagement ring. Yes, this is a detail the future bride should be particularly concerned about. Because the two rings will be worn on the same finger, they should be made of the same metal and match.

Choosing the right wedding rings

wedding ring bride
wedding ring bride

Go to more tests. It is very important that you feel comfortable wearing your wedding rings, which is why you should look for a model that fits easily on your finger but does not slip during wearing. Also, it is important to go to more tests, at different times of the day because, sometimes, due to stress, climate factors or workouts, your fingers may swell and the measurements for the rings will not be correct.

Personalize your wedding rings. It is clear that wedding rings should perfectly reflect your style and personality. When you choose them it is good to be 100% convinced that they fit you and represent you. If after several tests and after seeing several collections you have not won anything, you can choose the way to customize your accessories. Custom made wedding rings are the ideal solution when you have a favorite model in mind, but you can’t find it in stores.

What criteria do you have to follow when choosing your design?
Of course, the budget, the right size and the material chosen are the first criteria you will take into account. In addition there are some details that define the design of the wedding rings and which are more or less known.

The finishing touches
It is the element that gives texture to the ring and supports the design. You will notice that there are many different types of finishes from one collection to another. For example, the LOVE EXPRESS wedding ring collection is contoured on rings with a glossy finish, delicate and suitable for lovers of the classic style.

Glossy finish – is the type of classic finish, but also highly appreciated due to the elegance and mirror effect it gives through the specific reflections;

Vertical polishing – it creates that matte look as a trace of a brush that, over time, allows the wedding ring to retain its full appearance (possible traces or scratches will not be noticeable);

Horizontal sanding – if you want to choose a unique, modern style you can opt for horizontal sanding rings. Sandblasting – The texture provided is similar to a sand surface that offers an interesting granulation appearance, easy to detect at the touch.


Width and thickness
The width can be between 2-3 mm and 8 mm, depending on the model. It is advisable to choose the width that harmonizes with the length and shape of your fingers. For example, if you have short, thick fingers, you should point to the rings that give the elongation effect and subside. The simplest models, with a width of 2-3 mm and a delicate finish are the most suitable. Avoid large and bulky models or loaded rings, which would narrow the shape of your fingers. Otherwise, if you have long, thin fingers, almost all models fit you, so choose something that suits you.

Wedding rings and engagement ring

Profile of the ring

perfect wedding ring
perfect wedding ring

The ring profile gives comfort and determines how you feel it on your finger, which is why it is important. It has several shapes depending on how flat or curved the ring is. The most common profile is the “comfort profile” specific to the rings that have the inner part curved and the outer one flat. This kind of ring is ideal for engraving. In addition, you can also opt for the concave, semi-hollow, round or square profile.

How is the wedding ring worn?
Traditionally, the wedding rings are worn on the ring finger of the left hand. The custom dates back to the time of the ancient Romans, who considered that the vein of the ring leads directly to the heart, calling it “the vein of love”.

Also known as the “seal rings”, the wedding rings are sanctified on the day of the religious marriage and it is said that once they have been put on the finger, they can no longer be taken down.

There are couples who choose to wear their wedding rings even before the wedding, during the engagement, in which case the jewelry is sanctified at the engagement and is worn on the right hand.

Choosing the wedding ring by size

The most important superstitions about the wedding ring
You certainly already know that there are many superstitions related to weddings and the customs involved in such an event. The wedding rings are no exception, because all kinds of stories and superstitions have been woven around them:

If you drop the wedding ring or throw it away, this is a bad sign and announces a conflict or even a divorce;
Also, it is not good to give someone else the wedding ring because it would be a bad gesture in your relationship; The loss of the wedding ring symbolizes the disappearance of love and, consequently, the destruction of marriage;
When choosing the wedding rings, both partners must be present. If they are chosen by one, it is said that the relationship of the two will not endure;
It is not good to wear the wedding rings if they were not sanctified during a religious ceremony, as this will lead to separation of the partners.
Beyond these superstitions, what is the meaning of the wedding to you is important: proof of love, total commitment, eternal covenant? Being such a powerful symbol, choosing the right wedding rings requires time and involvement, but it is definitely worth the effort. In addition, following the information above will make the process much easier and faster.


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