35 Gorgeous Bridal MakeUp Ideas For Classy Brides

Choosing a wedding day makeup is always one of the most important items. That is the day you want to shine and not worry about your look all the time. So, you can choose some natural makeup, or something more daring. Here we will show you 35 bridal makeup ideas and we hope you will find the right one.

Bridal beauty: how to choose the perfect makeup

Each bride looks gorgeous on the wedding day, but a recent study shows that looking back at the pictures in the family album, there is always something that would have been different. Walk right and choose your most inspired look, so as not to leave any room for regret. Go in your style, experts say. If you’re a rebel, a traditional look doesn’t really catch you.

How to choose lipstick when you’re a bride: Useful tips from a make up artist

Overestimated or not, the wedding day is the wedding day, and for that, we will want to look at least perfect! That’s why we start planning it more than a year before, we run to all the districts from the wedding fairs to see what is in the trends for the new year, we look for the most delicious cake, the most special dress, and the most comfortable shoes. But things do not end far here. Then we start to keep diets – that we only have to lose 2-3 kilos before the wedding -, to do a little sport, to look for the color for the bridesmaids’ dresses, bouquet, invitations, hairstyle, manicure, pedicure, makeup, perfect lipstick, etc…

Spring makeup: fresh skin, lip color, contoured eyes!

Do you want to know what kind of makeup is worn in the season just started? Specialists recommend fresh, natural skin, color on the lips and contoured eyes.
We have chosen three simple make-up that you will not fail this spring, three make-up that highlight the natural beauty with which you are endowed.